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         HOLIDAY’S HOME WORK 2012-13
                                                   CLASS- Primary
1.    Activity book- Complete your activity book.
2.    Beginner’s Joy- Do page no.-27,28,45-50,55,56,65-67.
Scrap file:
1. Paste pictures of different types of “Birds”.
2. Paste pictures of different types of “Aquatic animals”.
3. Paste pictures of different types of “Transports”.
4. Paste pictures of different types of “Our Helpers”.
5. Paste pictures of “Parts of Body”.
1. Make a chart of “Domestic animals”.
2. Make a chart of “Vegetables”.
Models: (Any two)
1.    Make a model of “Traffic light”.(Use Thermocol)
2.    Make a model of “Doll” with waste material.
3.    Make a model of “Hut” with ice- cream sticks.
4.    Make a model of “Comparisons”.(For ex.: Big-Small, Tall-Short, Fat-Thin, Heavy- Light)


*        Make a two models use thermocol.
*       Models will be marked.
1.      Mountains and Valleys.
2.      Early Man Life.
3.      Animal Homes.
4.      Sources of Water.           {Roll No. 1 & 2}
5.      Different parts of Animals.


1.          Complete the Book:
(a) Fun with Colours.
(b) Counting Book 1 to 10.
2.          Make a Scrap File and Paste Pictures in it: 
(a){5 Fruits, 5 Vegetables, 5 Birds, 5 Feathers,           
 5 Animals [Wild & Domestic]}.
(b) Paste Pictures Related Alphabets A to Z.
3.          Project Work:
(a)Make Alphabets with the help of Ice Cream Sticks on A – 4 Size Sheet {A, E, I, F, H, K, L, T, V, W, X, Y or Z}.
4.          Acitivity:
(a)Make a Doll with Waste Material.





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